What is Bamboo Blend Fabric?

What is Bamboo Blend Fabric?

2021 Feb 25th

Soft as silk, naturally breathable, and born from a sustainable resource, bamboo blend fabrics have a lot to offer! Especially for your sleep.

Those with sensitive skin will find relief wrapped in this silky soft fabric. Those who sleep hot will stay cool and dry throughout the night. And those who sleep cold will find bamboo blends adjust to body temperature to keep them warm and cozy too.

Sound too good to be true? Read on to discover how our bamboo blend bedding does it and how it’s made with the environment in mind.

How Do We Make Our Bamboo Blend Fabric?

It all starts with bamboo stalks!

We use a variety of bamboo called Phyllostachys pubescens or ‘moso bamboo’ to make our fabric. This is an ecologically-friendly choice, as pandas normally don't eat this type of bamboo. Rather, giant pandas prefer Pseudosasa japonica or arrow bamboo, which is commonly found in their habitat in southwestern China. Rest assured, we only use bamboo cultivated outside of the giant panda’s habitat.

Once harvested, these bamboo stalks are broken down into chips and crushed into pulp. Natural enzymes break that pulp down further into a mass of hardened cellulose. The last step involves mechanically combing the cellulose into bamboo fibers, which can be spun, dyed, and woven into fabric.

Side note: According to legislation by the Competition Bureau of Canada, all man-made fibers that use cellulose derived from plants need to be labeled ‘rayon’. That’s why, you’ll see ‘rayon from bamboo’ on our fabrication labels!

Finally, we blend our bamboo yarn with cotton for added strength and durability — without compromising on softness.

What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Blend Bedding?

  1. Gentle on skin

    Bamboo fibers are naturally smooth and round, meaning there are no sharp spurs to irritate the skin. This makes for supremely soft, hypoallergenic fabric — ideal for anyone with sensitivities or allergies. In fact, many people who experience allergic reactions to other natural fibers, like wool or hemp, find relief in the silky softness of bamboo.

  2. Easy on the planet

    When it comes to sustainability, bamboo has a few distinct advantages. Bamboo plants are fast growing and require far less water than cotton. They don’t deplete the soil or need pesticides and herbicides to thrive, so it’s easy to keep plantations organic. Bamboo also absorbs five times as much greenhouse gas and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees! 

  3. Temperature regulating

    As a textile, bamboo possesses many of the properties it has as a plant. Bamboo plants are highly water absorbent and can hold three times their weight in water! In bamboo blend fabric, this translates to excellent moisture wicking. That is, bamboo fibers pull moisture away from the skin, so it can easily evaporate. Paired with breathability, this property helps maintain an ideal sleeping temperature throughout the night. As an added bonus for hot sleepers or hot weather, bamboo bedding resists any uncomfortable clinging to the skin.

  4. Naturally antibacterial

    Bamboo fabric contains a naturally occurring antimicrobial agent called ‘kun’. This same agent is what helps bamboo plants resist pests and thrive naturally. Kun prevents bacteria from cultivating and helps keep your bedding fresh and odour-free, even after multiple washes!

Is Bamboo Blend Bedding Right For You?

If you’re exploring alternative textiles, bamboo is a great place to start.

Slightly softer than cotton, but not quite as silky as TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal, our bamboo cotton sheets and duvet covers have a smooth hand-feel and beautiful drape that make sleeping a dream.

This smooth fabric gently caresses the skin, providing comfort to even the most sensitive sleepers. It breathes and naturally adjusts to body temperature, offering a sound night’s sleep in any weather. And it lasts for years on end, getting softer and softer with every wash.

Simply put, if you’re looking for a better night’s sleep, bamboo blend bedding is right for you.

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