What is TENCEL™ Modal?

What is TENCEL™ Modal?

2021 Mar 24th

Do you run hot at night?

A lot of people do! Temperature is one of the biggest sleep disruptors, right up there with noise and a partner who tosses and turns.

With TENCEL™ Modal, temperature (at least!) becomes a non-issue. This eco-friendly fabric combines all the softness of silk with the breathability of cotton and the exceptional moisture wicking of naturally derived fibers.

But what is TENCEL™ Modal, exactly? And what else does it have to offer? Read on for everything you need to know about this fabulous fabric!

How is TENCEL™ Modal Made?

TENCEL™ Modal is made from sustainably grown and harvested European beech wood.

First, the beech trees are chopped into wood chips. Next, these wood chips are broken down into pulp using an organic, non-toxic solvent. The resulting pulp is extruded through tiny holes to produce fine fibers, which are woven into incredibly soft, lightweight fabric.

More on these benefits next!

What Are the Benefits of TENCEL™ Modal Bedding?

  1. Eco-friendly

  2. Not only is TENCEL™ Modal made from renewable raw material, the production process itself is exceptionally eco-friendly. This process leverages renewable energy and recovers chemicals that can be reused to create household products, like detergent and glass.

    What’s more, since TENCEL™ Modal is made with organic materials, it’s fully biodegradable and compostable as certified by the Belgian company Vinçotte. It’s no surprise this fabric has also earned the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) BioPreferred® designation!

  3. Ultra lightweight

    Like sleeping under a cloud, TENCEL™ Modal bedding is ultra lightweight, airy, and supple. This fabric’s fine fibers are spun using micro technology, which leads to high flexibility and a superb lightness. In fact, a 10,000 meter thread weighs only one gram!

  4. Soft as silk

    TENCEL™ Modal is our softest fabric of all. Again, this fabric’s fine fibers are at play. These fibers have a sleek, round shape (known as a “cross-section”). When woven into fabric, this results in a lustrous sheen and a silky hand-feel ideal for even the most sensitive skin. As an added bonus, TENCEL™ Modal fibers excel at retaining colour and will keep their true colour, wash after wash!

  5. Thermoregulating

    Naturally cool to the touch, breathable, and temperature regulating, TENCEL™ Modal bedding is perfect for hot sleepers. The key to these properties is the hollow structure of TENCEL™ fibers, which allows them to wick away any excess moisture. The result? A comfortable, dry sleep on even the hottest nights!

Is TENCEL™ Modal Bedding Right For You?

If you’ve ever laid awake at night, overheating and incapable of sleep, TENCEL™ Modal bedding is for you. If you have sensitive skin and find run-of-the-mill materials irritating, this fabric is for you. If you love lightweight layers that feel like nothing at all, look no further than TENCEL™ Modal.

And the benefits of this fabric go far beyond those discussed above! From vibrant colour retention to long-lasting freshness, there are so many reasons to give TENCEL™ Modal a try…

Still on the fence? Visit this page to explore even more benefits of TENCEL™ bedding.

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