Your Guide to Styling an All-White Bed

Your Guide to Styling an All-White Bed

2024 Jan 5th

Clean, crisp, and classic…the reasons to love white bedding go on and on.

Whether you prefer warm tones or ashy hues, a laidback look or a glamorous feel, and subtle details or striking textures, you can be sure there’s a white bed out there for everybody. What’s more, white’s complementary nature lets you refresh your interior easily — all it takes is a new blanket, throw, or cushion to make your space feel exciting again!

But mixing whites can be a bit of an art form, and sleepers frequently ask us how they can style a timeless and versatile all-white look. That’s why we asked Heike, our resident Merchandiser and Style Guru, to show us three different ways of styling a monochromatic white bed so that it suits your taste and elevates your space!

1. The Classically Comfortable All-White Bed

When in doubt, stick to the classics. For a tried n’ true timeless look that’s as elegant as it is inviting, opt for a simple design accompanied by warm white shades. The goal here is to make a subdued statement that will stand the test of time while also staying fresh! From there, you can add a touch more intrigue by incorporating subtle textural details that don’t distract away from the overall clean, crisp, all-white experience.

Choose an ornately textured fabric (or a pleasantly simple textural design) for your top-most layer, and pair it with fellow simple textures to create a slumber spot that's both warm and welcoming. Then, you can add depth and flourish by layering cushions and throws!

2. The Lavishly Luxe All-White Bed

Gunning for some glamour? An all-white bed can do just the trick! The key to creating a bedroom that strikes the perfect balance between glitz and elegance is to incorporate one or two “glam” elements — such as shine or shimmer — into your bedding, then coordinate everything else to match. This lets your bed exude just the right amount of luxurious oomph without being over the top.

White bedding made of rich jacquards, or duvet covers with a lustrous finish, are perfect for transforming your bedroom into a luxurious, tone-on-tone retreat. From there, your clean and solid accessories will highlight the flair of your top-most layer.

3. The Casually Chic White Bed

For those who aren't afraid to push the boundaries of a traditional all-white look, creamier light beige and off-white tones make a perfect canvas for creating casual, tactile, laidback looks. What’s more, aiming for an easygoing aesthetic means you don’t have to spend extra time worrying about how perfectly everything matches ー feel free to get playful with your favourite pieces of décor!

For an effortlessly stylish look that keeps things fun, fresh, and casual, try mixing and matching your textures and tones. While your duvet cover might take up the most space, an even mix helps everything pop in a balanced, harmonious way.

Even if you aren’t a style guru yourself, it’s easy to see why white bedding is so well-loved: its versatile and complementary nature makes a timeless statement in any room, and you can change the mood with only a few accessories and layers added in.

We hope you’re feeling inspired now after seeing these three looks! Check out our other white bedding collections for more ideas on how to create your dream all-white bedroom (and if you need more styling advice, be sure to book a free consultation with one of our bedding experts!).

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