5 Tips for Sleeping Greener

5 Tips for Sleeping Greener

2021 Aug 5th

There are countless ways that you can reduce your ecological footprint, even when it comes to your bedding and sleep sets. 

Why Should You Sleep Greener?

Choosing eco-friendly products and solutions is important for any part of your life, but keeping your sleeping set up green can sometimes be easy to forget. Ensuring that your duvet and linens are ethically sourced and eco-friendly might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but like any textile, there are all sorts of sustainable choices you can make. In fact, many of them can lead to a healthier sleep not just for the planet, but for you too! 

  1. Take Good Care of Your Sheets
    Perhaps the most important thing you can do for a greener sleep is to simply make sure you get the most out of your sheets. Even when using products from ethically-sourced fabrics and eco-friendly materials, you can still produce a lot of waste when tossing out old sheets if they can’t be repaired or donated.

    With proper laundering and fabric care, maintaining your sheets will be significantly easier, and it can save you from needing to purchase new sheets too often. If you want to clean greener too, you can also try products like eco-friendly detergents — these ensure fewer synthetic ingredients and chemicals are being used on your clothes, and in the water that your washing machine flushes out with each clean!

  2. Find Fabrics with Recycled Materials
    It can sometimes be challenging to find bedding made entirely from recycled materials, but these sorts of products can greatly divert waste from landfills by extending the life cycle of a fiber. QE Home is working to make this even easier with our Less Waste, Less Trace collection, which features 100% recycled polyester in both the fabric and filling!

    This line has everything you need to create a comfortable sleep nest including comforters and sheet sets made from post-consumer polyester. These products have been made from fibres recycled from consumer textiles, using 43% less fossil-based resources and producing 23% less carbon emissions than newly-made polyester.

  3. Consider RDS Certified Duvets
    If you’re buying products with animal by-products like feathers and down, you can still help your sleep spread stay green by choosing ethically-sourced materials. Doing this can be as easy as checking the labels and packaging of each product, as many will include clear symbols and explanations of how it was made, and whether it features any healthier, eco-friendly alternatives.

    In regards to down duvets, QE Home offers Responsible Down Standard Certified selections. This mark helps you confirm that products like our Crib-Sized White Goose Down Duvet are made with down and feathers that don’t cause unnecessary harm to the animals they’re taken from, meaning you can be sure that your duvet’s materials are harvested safely and humanely.

  4. Try Bamboo Fabrics
    An excellent alternative material that makes a great eco-friendly option is bamboo fabric. This material can grow over 80cm in just one day and doesn't require much water, while other materials like cotton can take several hundred days to fully bloom. This means that bamboo fiber can be grown and harvested incredibly easily without deforestation.

    What’s great is that bamboo also makes for an extremely comfortable fabric. These sheets only get softer and softer over multiple washes, so sensitive sleepers will appreciate their excellent temperature regulation and non-irritating feel. 

  5. Choose Products Made in "Closed Loops"
    Finding products that are specifically produced using a circular or “closed-loop system” can be more difficult than these other suggestions, as it means that the harvesting of materials involves recycling any excess components back into production. This is something that sets TENCEL™ products apart from others, with TENCEL™ fabrics using the water and solvents leftover from fiber production in a clean cycle with very little waste.

    Products like our BeechBliss TENCEL™ Modal Sheet Sets take no more resources than they need, as their materials require little-to-no waste to create in the first place. Plus, they also offer superior temperature regulation and moisture wicking as a bonus for taking better care of the planet!

Does Green Sleep Matter?

Making greener purchases and searching for eco-friendly products is definitely a small step towards environmental sustainability, but it’s important for everyone to help wherever they can. There are all sorts of decisions you can make to lessen the environmental impact that your bedding might have – all without sacrificing the quality and comfort of your sleep.

If you need any help finding green bedding that suits your sleep needs, you can book a free virtual consultation to learn more about our eco-friendly products, and find out which sustainable products are right for you!

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