Blankets vs Quilts: What's the Difference?

Blankets vs Quilts: What's the Difference?

2021 Sep 16th

It’s time to learn about some layers! If you’ve never been sure of the differences between quilts and blankets, we’re here to give you a crash course in covers.

Meadowsweet Duvet Cover with soft white cotton plush comforter styled

With the weather cooling down and winter on its way, it’s important to make sure your bed has all the extra warmth. If you need to heat up your bed but don’t want to invest in a warmer duvet, two of your best options are layering on a blanket or a quilt. Both make for comfy covers, but can also be used on their own in the hotter months, and are available from Twin to King to accommodate all bed sizes.

As similar as they seem, each offers their own unique look and feel that you might prefer for your personal sleeping space. Knowing the differences between blankets and quilts can help you layer the perfect bed, so please enjoy this quick little lesson in layers!

Backcountry Cotton Quilt Set blanket fold

What is a Blanket?

‘Blankets’ as a category can often seem pretty broad, especially compared to other types of bedding. You’ll frequently see people refer to any layer thrown over a bed as a “blanket”, but the term itself more refers to a single layer of fabric without any fill.

Cashmere Touch Blanket in Green on Bed

This means blankets can be tastefully simple, having materials and textures that make them stand out without detailed patterns or designs. An excellent example is our Cashmere Touch Fleece Blankets which features a lovably fluffy texture in calm and gentle colours.

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Balance Weighted Blanket Folded on Bed

Despite the name and popularity, items like our Weighted Blankets aren’t exactly blankets in the traditional sense of the word. This is because weighted blankets usually have a type of filling to give them their heavier feeling, such as glass beads and polyester, while traditional blankets are only a single unfilled layer.

Weighted blankets were also invented for more therapeutic purposes than your average blanket, relieving anxiety and enhancing your sleep quality through its soothing heft. Since they look like your average blanket, they can easily be layered to get the full benefits of its extra weight.

Balance Weighted Blanket on person

To learn what makes weighted blankets so helpful and comforting, read more here!

What is a Quilt?

Amita Cotton Quilt Set Fold

Unlike blankets, quilts are much more specific in terms of how they’re put together. These covers are typically fashioned out of multiple breathable cotton layers, all sewn together with stylish top-stitching which keeps the layers close, tight, and warm to keep you comfortable at night.

Amita Cotton Quilt Set

Alongside their consistent materials and construction, you’ll usually find that quilts feature more diverse patterns and textures than your average blanket. Styles like our floral quilt sets offer a bold pattern that can stand out as the focus of your bed when layered, and even reverses to a complementary pattern!

What Are Coverlets?

Coverlets are similar in appearance to quilts, but their key difference is what they’re made with. Coverlets have similar top-stitching to keep their layers together, but are made with materials like polyester and microfiber, rather than softer and more breathable natural cotton fibers that one might find in quilts.

Leno Coverlet Set styled on a double bed

This means coverlets tend to be slightly less breathable than quilts, but their materials keep them at lower costs than other bed covers. This makes products like our coverlet sets a cost-effective way to embellish your guest room or Airbnb!

Which Layer Should You Choose?

Now that you know which layer is which, one question still remains: should you invest in a blanket or a quilt? Either one will make for an excellent addition to your bed, but choosing between them mainly comes down to personal choice.

Blankets and Quilts piled together on shelf

If you’re only interested in one, it’s important to get a layer that fits you, your bed, and your sleeping style best. Below are just a few of the reasons you should go with a blanket, and some for why it’s worth picking a quilt instead.

Blankets: Soft & Simple

When it comes to warmth, blankets are one of the easiest ways to warm yourself up, as their drape makes them easy to cover yourself with. Using one as the top layer of your bedding will help hold in heat, and putting it under your duvet cover can let you enjoy its soft texture right over your body!

Air Cotton Blanket in Denim on couch

Since blankets tend to come in solid colours and single materials, they make for straightforward layers that fit with all kinds of bedding styles. There are several ways to style your blanket, all while keeping your duvet cover and pillow shams the highlight of your bed.

You can check out some of our styling advice for blankets and throws here!

Quilts: Classic & Comfortable

If you’re looking for something with a little more style, quilts are an easy way to make a bigger statement with your bedding. Their textures, patterns and top-stitching make them immediately iconic, with styles ranging from traditional florals to more modern designs.

Baxter Cotton Quilt Set Styled on double bed

Quilts are also a balanced bedding layer, heating you up without too much insulation. This means quilts can be slightly cooler than certain types of blankets, and its stable structure helps it fit in with other flexible bedding layers to build your own comfort

If you need a little extra advice for getting a better sleep, you can book a free virtual consultation to learn more about our product solutions, and enjoy the fulfilling snooze you deserve after a long day.

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