Astrology 101: The Perfect Bedding For Every Zodiac Sign

Astrology 101: The Perfect Bedding For Every Zodiac Sign

2021 Apr 15th

Want to refresh your bedroom, but don’t know where to start? Why not try looking to the stars for some guidance!

Whether you’re a water, fire, air, or earth sign, we’ve got the scoop on how your horoscope affects your personality, preferences, and nighttime needs, so you can create the perfect slumber spot to suit your zodiac placement.

Using these design tips and tricks, you’ll be able to sleep more soundly at night knowing your most intimate home area truly reflects who you are. From personalized duvet covers to specialty sheet selections, we’ve read all the signs to make sure you’ll be satisfied.

And even if you don’t wholeheartedly believe in the significance of astrology, we dare you to take a deep dive and see if anything resonates. You might be surprised!

It’s written in the stars, after all.

The Zodiac Signs & Their Bedding

Capricorn Decor (December 22 - January 19)
Responsible, determined, and disciplined, Capricorns are masters of self-control and highly pragmatic by nature. These earth signs are known for being workaholics, and thrive when there’s clear-cut rules laid out for them to follow. That’s not to say Capricorns can’t think outside the box — it’s just that they prefer to work within a defined boundary. They know their limit, and they’ll play within it.

Because of their enviable self control, Capricorns aren’t tempted by glitz and glamour. They value practicality and typically go for more conservative choices when it comes to their fashion sense and home decor. Opt for sleek, minimalist bedding and stick with neutral tones to satisfy their utilitarian outlook. Our Zen Bedding Collection with its subtle texture, crisp cream colouring, and knife edge finish will satisfy Capricorn’s stoic nature.

Aquarius Decor (January 20 - February 18)
Those with Aquarian placements are quirky, creative, highly unique individuals. Known for their eccentricity and independence, they are natural-born trendsetters who aren’t afraid to make bold, artistic long as those decisions line up with what they themselves like.

Our Aquarius friends need their own space in order to feel comfortable, and prefer to spend their down time deep in thought with their head in the clouds (they are an air sign after all!). Because of these qualities, this star sign thrives when their bedroom decor is bold, imaginative, and unique — just like them! Our  Supernova Bedding Collection is the ultimate Aquarian decor with its striking interstellar design and dramatic, dazzling tones — the bedding embodiment of their state of mind.

Pisces Decor (February 19 - March 20)
Sensitive, creative, and emotionally intuitive, those with Piscean placements are considered the “psychics'' of the zodiac. They have strong gut reactions to things and are always in tune with the outside world. As a result, they’re happiest when their surrounding environment is calm and serene; it helps them feel that way too!

Represented by the fish, Pisces is the most characteristic water sign of the zodiac, and they correspondingly gravitate towards more aquatic tones. Our Pisces friends should seek out soothing, cool colour palettes to ensure their bedroom is nothing short of serene. Our silky soft, temperature-regulating  Sicily Bedding Collection, with its deep teal-to-aqua blue ombre hue, is ideal for the Piscean person.

Aries Decor (March 21 - April 19)
Loud and lively, passionate and fiery, Aries is the life of the party! These fire signs are high intensity, fast-paced individuals who hate being bored and embody the phrase “work hard, play hard”. Because of this fierce, frenetic nature of theirs, however, “relaxing” activities are often short-lived.

To match Aries’ insatiable energy and ensure they don’t feel trapped, opt for lightweight bedding and a mix n’ match of bold colours and patterns to keep them entertained. Our super breathable  Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set in Blush paired with our bright, bustling Calypso Bedding Collection keeps it light and a̶i̶r̶y Aries enough so that even the most rambunctious of rams can get some shut-eye!

Taurus Decor (April 20 - May 20)
The sensual, dependable, pleasure seekers of the zodiac, Taureans like the finer things in life — no bull! Though they make for hard workers who thrive on stability and staying grounded, these Earth signs relish their time spent lazing around and indulging in creature comforts. This means the ideal day for any Taurus involves plenty of delicious food, divine linens, and decidedly long naps.

As “masters of relaxation”, it should be no surprise that our oxen friends like to keep things extra soft, but don’t take their epicurean nature as a sign they’re frivolous. On the contrary, Taurus placements only splurge when it’s worth their spending dollars. Our  Alder Bedding Collection and its leafy print made from eco-friendly, buttery soft TENCEL™ Lyocell blend is the perfect choice for Earth sign Taurus. Pair it with our silky smooth BeechBliss TENCEL™ Modal sheets and our soothing Balance Weighted Blanket to give your bed a truly Taurean boost!

Gemini Decor (May 21 - June 21)
Energetic, optimistic, and highly adaptable, Gemini’s are the most dynamic of the star signs, easily shifting their personalities to fit the situation at hand. Represented by the Twins, this air sign sometimes gets an uncharitable reputation for being two-faced, while in reality they make for multi-faceted, flexible individuals who are always able to see the positive in any situation and adjust their expectations and attitudes accordingly.

One thing to remember in light of Gemini’s versatile nature is they have the tendency to become bored. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for that problem: fully reversible bedding! Our Estelle Bedding Collection and its bright botanical mandala design which reverses over to a tonal terracotta is ideal for satisfying Gemini’s changing temperament. Made from  Bamboo Cotton Sateen, Estelle is also highly breathable — a vital consideration for keeping these air signs comfortable.

(June 22 - July 22)
Sentimental, introverted, and emotive, those with cancer placements are known for their tender dispositions. These water signs are often referred to as the “emotional heart” of the zodiac, always looking to nurture their loved ones with thoughtful gestures, acts of service, and good ol’ fashioned quality time.

Decidedly domicile, our Cancerian friends are all too happy to curl up at home. To reflect their sentimental nature, opt for fabrics that have a hand-made feel to suit Cancer’s sensibilities. Our  Charity Bedding Collection and its embroidered detailing is perfect for these soft-hearted sweeties. Top it all off with a cozy Cashmere Touch Fleece Blanket for added warmth with an intimate touch.

Leo Decor (July 23 - August 22)
Bold, brazen, and built for the limelight, Leos are the most lavish of all star signs. Known as the “royalty” of the zodiac, these fire signs love the good life and are willing to work hard to get what they want. Blessed with boundless self-confidence, Leos are lion-hearted to say the least. They readily dominate any room they find themselves in, and are known to boast about their successes to the world.

Though they’re almost always roaring with energy, Leos prize their downtime, and are willing to splurge on their sleeping set-up so they can snooze in splendour. Go big with our silky soft, ultra-luxe Silk Duvets paired with our lustrous and luminous Travertine Duvet Cover. Make sure to include silk sheets and some statement pillows — like our Ribbed Angora Square Pillow — for added extravagance. Top it all off with our Ribbed Faux Fur Throws for that extra Leo oomph!

Virgo Decor (August 23 - September 22)
Dedicated, resourceful, and detail-oriented, Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac. These earth signs like to stay in control at all costs, and bring a discerning, analytical eye to any situation. Because of these qualities, they’re known as expert organizers who will happily spend hours working away at any task to make sure the end result is just-so.

With their penchant for perfectionism, Virgos strive for a home that looks Pinterest-perfect. As a stickler for details, however, they want their bedding to feel as good as it looks. Our  Danube Bedding Collection, with its pristine Paisley pattern and temperature-regulating TENCEL™ Lyocell blend, speaks to such Virgo sensibilities. Completing your linen collection with a bed skirt ensures any extra storage space under your bed stays perfectly concealed.

Libra Decor (September 23 - October 23)
Idealistic, diplomatic, and generous, Libras go above and beyond to make sure everything works in harmony. Represented by the scales, these air signs are always seeking balance in their day-to-day lives, and are colloquially known as masters of compromise. They have a natural ability to understand different perspectives and strive for fairness and justice above all.

The bedroom decor of Libra placements similarly reflects this tendency towards compromise. They’re always willing to accommodate individual differences in design and sleeping preferences, so that their partner feels just as comfortable as they do at night. Opt for bedding that creates a microclimate around each sleeper — such as our  Pure Australian Wool Duvet — and choose a neutral colour palette that will work harmoniously with whatever else is in the room. We recommend our Mimeo Bedding Collection, as its textured design and subtle colouring makes it the perfect base for layering.

Scorpio Decor (October 24 - November 21)
Passionate, mysterious, and particularly reactive, Scorpios are known for their intense character and alluring nature. They’re not afraid to speak their mind, and they’re likely to seduce you at the very same time! Because of this fierce, assertive nature of theirs, Scorpios are natural-born leaders and are often mistaken for being fire signs. In reality, however, these water signs share the same keen sense of intuition as their aquatic counterparts, and likewise, love their environments to reflect their inner state.

When it comes to the bedroom, seductive Scorpio likes to come on strong — think bold contrasts and deep colours. Our Memphis Bedding Collection makes for the perfect Scorpion slumber spot with its dark tones and daring design. As an added bonus, this star sign and its ruling “planet of transformation” Pluto will love this duvet cover’s reversibility. Pair it with our  Eucalyptus Luxe Sheet Set in Navy to give your bed a striking finish.

Sagittarius Decor (November 22 - December 21)
Free-spirited, ambitious, and independent, Sagittarians blaze their own trails and aren’t afraid to take risks. Unsurprisingly, they love to travel and are natural-born nomads, known for bringing fresh eyes and a unique perspective to any situation.

Because those with Sagittarian placements don’t like to stay rooted in one place, their ideal bedroom is one that reminds them of their wanderlust pursuits. Opt for patterns and designs inspired by other cultures to satisfy their worldly proclivities. Our Noa Bedding Collection with its etched tribal leaves is a subtle, refined reminder of distant, faraway places — perfect for the Sag sensibility. Keep these fire signs cool and comfortable at night by pairing it with our  Bamboo Cotton Sheets for added breathability.

Astrological Bedding & Beyond

Hopefully this handy guide has provided you with some insights to help your star sign sleep easy!

Even if you didn’t spot something to suit your sleep preferences, you can always  explore more bedding options, or  book a free consultation with one of our Bedding Experts — they have their own mystical ways of knowing just what you need! ;) 

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