Bargain Picks Based On Your Birthday

Bargain Picks Based On Your Birthday

2023 Aug 3rd

Welcome stargazers! Astrology enthusiasts know that each zodiac sign has unique traits that shape our personalities and preferences, including our taste in bedding and decor. To help you find the perfect bargains, we've handpicked three fantastic sale items for each star sign. Let the stars guide you to the best deals and style that align with your astrological characteristics.

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Aquarians' innovation and eccentricity call for unique, artistic bedding and quirky decor that resonate with their out-of-this-world taste.

Aquatico Duvet Cover (Portugal Reserve)
Starting at $299.99 $209.99

Our silver Shiny Cozy Cuddle Cushion features a star-shaped 3D design and an embroidered sleeping face.

Shiny Cozy Cuddle Cushion
Starting at $19.99 $10

Our Sky Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set is a pale blue colour and comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcase(s).

Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set in Sky
Starting at $129.99 $90.99


Dreamy Pisceans find perfection in softness, comfort, and cool tones

BeechBliss Sheet Set in Tidewater
Starting at $149.99 $112.49

Kenzie Cotton Quilt Set in Fountain Blue
Starting at $119.99

Hooded Cape Plush Wearable Throw in Teal 

(Out of Stock)


As fiery and adventurous individuals, Aries will adore bold and vibrant patterns but might also seek items that aid in keeping them cool.

Lattice Ruby Quilt Set
Starting at $129.99 (50% OFF when you Buy Online, Pick Up In Store)

Cotton Caress Sheet Set in CarefreeStarting at $39.99

Our Cotton Beach Towels come in a range of designs, here it is featured in Sunset.

Cotton Beach Towel in Sunset
$24.99 $18


Taurus folks crave comfort and luxury. Earthy tones and nature-inspired decor will resonate deeply with their grounded nature.

Woodland Meadow Cotton Quilt Set
Starting at $89.99 $71.99

Our BeechBliss TENCEL Modal™ Sheet Set in Rainforest shown on a bed. Our bestselling sheeting is available in a variety of colours, with new arrivals every season.

BeechBliss TENCEL Modal™ Sheet Set in Rainforest
Starting at $149.99 $112.49

Our Quilted Chevron Euro Sham in Java features a brown textured design with zigzag stitching. Pictured on a white background.

Quilted Chevron Euro Sham in Java
$29.99 $15


Gemini's dynamic personalities demand versatile pieces: reversible beddings and adaptable decor cater to their ever-changing tastes.

Divine Duvet Cover
Starting at $199.99 $99.99

Our Tropics Cotton Quilt Set features a reversible design with a tropical multicoloured leaf print and coordinating plaid on its reverse. Pictured on a bed with its matching pillow shams.

Tropics Cotton Quilt Set
Starting at $89.99

Our Round Corduroy Cushion in Gold features a yellow velvet surface and ruched construction fastened with a decorative button on both sides. Pictured on a white background.

Round Corduroy Cushion in Gold


Ruled by the moon, Cancer individuals seek a soothing environment that evokes emotions, memories, and nurtures their playful and creative side.

Reid Duvet Cover
(Out of Stock)

Lunar Organic Cotton Sheet Set
Starting at $79.99 $59.99

Blue Moon Plush Cushion
$19.99 $15


Leos adore the spotlight and love to showcase their royal tastes. Luxurious and regal bedding with gold accents, along with statement decor pieces, will satisfy their dramatic flair.

Trocadero Duvet Cover
Starting at $269.99 $134.99

Avalon Quilt Set in Champagne
Starting at $139.99 (50% OFF* BOPIS Deal)

100% Mulberry Silk Twist Headband in Bronze
$39.99 $31.99


Practical and organized, Virgos prefer clean, minimalist aesthetics. Opt for simple, stylish bedding sets, functional decor, and organic natural fibers for soft, resilient comfort with a pragmatic touch.

Assembly Duvet Cover
(Out of Stock)

‘Gridlines’ Organic Cotton Sheet Set
Starting at $79.99 $55.99

Modal Bath Mat in Forest Green
$15.99 $12.79


Libras value balance and beauty. Elegant bedding and harmonious decor will complement their artistic, sociable nature and refined tastes!

Sonrisa Duvet Cover
(Out of Stock)

300TC Organic Cotton Sheet Set in White
Starting at $69.99 $52.49

Cavell Quilt Set
Starting at $129.99 $103.99


Passionate and mysterious, Scorpios love bold designs. Dark-hued bedding, mystical decor, and a passionate red and luxe velvet combination suit their enigmatic personalities.

Virtuoso Duvet Cover
(Out of Stock)

100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase in Black
Starting at $69.99 $55.99

Kavi Artisanal Throw


Restless wanderers, Sagittarians seek adventure with bohemian bedding and travel-themed decor, cherishing cozy slumbers in royal hues befit for their majesty.

Amara Duvet Cover Starting at $199.99 $99.99
BeechBliss Sheet Set in Plum Starting at $149.99 $112.49

Bombay Duvet Cover

(Out of Stock)

Embroidered Round Cushion
$29.99 $20


Capricorn's sensibilities favour timeless elegance and functional decor. Top picks for the orderly Cap include practical accessories and everyday items, making bedding a great gift idea.

Larch Duvet Cover
Starting at $219.99 $109.99

Charcoal Infused Towels
Starting at $3.99

Rosalie Cotton Quilt Set

Whether you're a fiery Aries or a dreamy Pisces, we're confident you'll discover fantastic items at prices you'll love, tailored to your unique astrological traits. Embrace your zodiac's influence and let the cosmos guide you to the best bargains that truly resonate with your inner self. Happy shopping, and may the stars align in your favour! 

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