Getting In Bed With Your Next Emotional Crisis

Getting In Bed With Your Next Emotional Crisis

2022 Jul 19th

Make your bedroom into the healing space you need.

Woman holding a cushion sitting in bed, leaning on and being comforted by a friend beside her.

There’s no place like your bed when your emotions are running wild. When life gets tough, there are few safer spaces than underneath your covers, whether you just need to relax or need a place to shed your tears. It’s normal, it’s natural, and you should never feel guilty for the emotions you can’t hold back.

That said, you should always treat your bed as a space for healing, not just for feeling. If you only ever feel low when you rest your head, your sleep is sure to suffer with you, and it’ll only be harder to get back on your feet.

We’ve had our own share of times when it’s tough to get out of bed too, so if you’ve been going through any of these, let us give you some advice for waking up feeling fresher, happier, and healthier!

The Big Breakup

Woman sleeping alone in a large blue bed with light teal pillows and a dark navy blanket.

Maybe it was something out of your control, or maybe they were just a lesson all along. Either way, when the person you shared your bed with is no longer there, being alone in bed can sometimes feel lonelier than ever. But being single again is never just an ending; it’s another new beginning, and an opportunity to be yourself.

If what you need is space from the past, let your bedroom become more than just whoever’s in it. This is your chance to make big changes and reinvent your sleep space, with designer duvet covers in luxurious fabrics to make your bed look and feel entirely new. If you’re not ready for a full makeover, even just some fresh cushion covers can give your rest a fresh backdrop.

Our black and white Bianco Duvet Cover over a queen bed with several matching grey & white pillows and cushions over it.

When you’re ready to open yourself back up, that’s when you can get your bed ready to share. From cuddle buddies to spicy encounters, you’ll need some sheets that can handle the extra heat — and our TENCEL™ Modal BeechBliss can keep it all at bay with its silky smooth, temperature-regulating, and moisture-resistant fabric.

You certainly don’t need to make these changes right away, but make sure not to sit too long in your past. The last thing you need is your bed to become a trigger for your sadness, and the best way to do that is by making it feel new.

Study Session Blues

Laptop sitting on a half-open grey and blue bed sheet.

If the weight of the world isn’t already making it tough to get out of bed, the weight of your tests can make your layers even heavier. School is a challenge for nearly everyone, and you don’t deserve to punish yourself for being difficult. Keeping up with your studies means feeling comfortable while you work, and making sure you don’t doubt yourself while putting in the time.

If you need a little cozy study time and aren’t ready to leave the bed, euro pillows (with a stylish sham) are key in making your bed a soft study space. Their large size and fluffy fill make them easy to lean against while sitting upright for better focus, but they also make a perfect laptop rest so you aren’t letting your warm laptop melt into your legs.

Our Ribbed Chenille Euro Pillow Sham in Aqua over a blank background with a dark green shadow behind it.

But if you’d rather keep your bed as a place to rest, you’ll want some comfort you can take wherever you plan to work. You won’t be studying better if you’re uncomfortable at your desk or on your couch, so it’s worth having a lightweight throw blanket handy so you can cozy up wherever you’re settling down, or even a cuddly comforter for some extra warmth and softness in the winter.

The grade you need might feel out of your reach, but a little comfort and confidence goes a long way. School is challenging enough already, and treating your studies like a painful experience is only going to make them harder. Be easy on yourself, and your scholarly success is sure to follow.

Too Much Free Time

An empty chair and houseplant on a stool in a blank and empty room.

Whether it’s the end of a fulfilling career, or a sudden break between jobs, it can be tough falling out of the grind. Too much free time can often feel a little too quiet, and waking up in bed without a place to go is an undoubtedly uncomfortable feeling. But like any new stage of life, it’s an opportunity to make your space into more than just an escape from work.

If there’s anything we could recommend, we’d suggest you take some time to start decluttering. Too much stuff in your house can make you feel trapped with your possessions, and later feeling guilty for enjoying the comfort of your home. Whether your old or worn-out items are being donated, or just stored in a nicely sealed vacuum bag, your space will feel free and new once again.

Alternating images of our Vacuum Seal Bag, showing its convenient details and packing size as a duvet is placed inside and kept compactly tidy.

From there, it’s time to invest in things that’ll let you rest easier. If your worn-out duvets are finally ready for replacements once you’ve decluttered, you’ll have room to bring in new duvets for year-long and seasonal comfort to give your bed a brand new feeling. Add a fresh designer duvet cover, and your bedroom can feel equally like a home, and a well-earned vacation destination.

A white duvet with large box stitching sitting over a white bed in a blank bedroom, with a wooden ladder nearby.

Your new stage in life deserves a home that feels new, and you have every right to treat yourself to comfortable nights. Let your bedroom become a place you want to be in.

Stuff Is Messed Up

Woman surfing her phone while laying in bed, wearing a Plush Faux Fur Bathrobe in Cloud White.

The world is both figuratively and literally on fire, and it’s harder than ever to ignore it at night. With your phone by your bed, it’s far too easy to doomscroll the night away, but losing sleep from stress isn’t going to change the world. You need to put yourself in the moment of now, so you can wake up inspired to fight for a better world.

Just like with studying, it helps to sit up and not be stuck laying down. Even if you need to switch off by scrolling through TikTok, or Instagram calling it a day, doing it upright will help you detach from your phone when you lay your head to rest, and getting comfortably upright with a euro pillow by your back is a surefire way to get into that separate headspace.

Top view of our Bergen Duvet Cover over a queen bed, showcasing its pillow shams alongside our Ribbed Chenille Euro Pillow Shams in Mauve Purple, our Beechbliss Sheet Set in Inkberry, and coordinating Bergen pillow shams.

Besides that, it really just helps to make your bed easier to fall asleep in. Our luxurious european linen sheets and silk bedding will make your bed feel like nowhere else, and if you’ve been settling in your current sheets for a little too long, that shakeup might be what you need for a fresh feeling at night.

Alternately, it’s even easier to let your mind rest when you’re doing your part in your sleep. Our TENCEL™, organic cotton, and bamboo cotton sheets are all made with sustainably grown materials, and even more of our items are all fully carbon neutral through our Green Story initiative. With these, you can do your part protecting the planet in your sleep.

Our Beechbliss Sheet Set in Rainforest Green dressed over a white bed in a light wooden bedroom.

And remember, changing the world isn’t going to happen overnight. You need your rest, and spending all night fearing for the planet is only going to make you feel worse. The future can wait until morning, so give yourself and your phone a chance to recharge.

We hope we could help if you’re going through any of these vibes, and we’re wishing you love from your worst moments to your best. If you’re ever feeling stuck in bed for the wrong reasons, our Sleep Stylists are here to help make your bed a better place to heal, and know just how to give you the great sleep you deserve.

Stay strong, stay well, and we look forward to seeing you back on your feet <3 

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