The Making of Angelica

The Making of Angelica

2023 Jul 6th

When it comes to our bestselling Angelica Collection, there's more than meets the eye. This blush floral print is a stunning creation that showcases the artistic skills of our in-house artist and Lead Designer, Ross. 

Employing a carefully curated and versatile color palette, he ensured that this masterpiece seamlessly integrates into a wide range of home decor, harmonizing with their unique aesthetics. Ross's meticulous attention to detail shines through in every brushstroke. The outcome is a breathtaking masterpiece that effortlessly surpasses the limitations of style, elevating any bedroom with grace and ease.

Read on to hear Ross describe his creative process!

Our Creative Director Ross, painting the original watercolour for our Angelica collection

A close-up of Angelica's watercolour detailing.

"I used to live in Montreal, and in late summer, a group of us would head down to a friend's cabin located close to the Vermont border in the rolling hills of the Eastern Townships of Quebec. In the evenings, we'd sit on the veranda that overlooked the valley below, listening to the last birdsongs of the day and watching the tall blooming Angelica flowers turn to shades of mauve in the setting summer sun."

Our Creative Director, Ross, in the studio with his watercolour creation.

Ross pictured working on the design for the Angelica collection

"I wanted to recreate that moment of the last light, witnessing nature's evolving colour palette changing before our eyes as the sun set lower into the sky. I wanted to paint the colours as I remembered them and attempt to convey the feeling of relaxation and serenity in the artwork.'"

Ross pictured with the printed TENCEL™ blend fabric used for our Angelica collection.

Tonka and his dad Ross pictured with the Angelica collection styled on a bed.

Watch Ross himself speak to this stunning design in our video below. Plus, check out the first installment of this series: The Making of Faroe.

You can shop Angelica here and explore our Spring Summer collections to discover why QE Home is Canada's favourite bedding store. Shop online or find your nearest store. We're eager to see you!

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