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PM2.5 Face Mask Replacement Filters - Pack of 30

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    • Five layer filtration technology 
    • Soft and breathable 
    • Each pack contains 30 filters 

    Add a third layer of protection to your silk face mask with our PM2.5 Face Mask Replacement Filters! These filters include five layers of protective material: two layers of non-woven fabric; two layers of meltblown fabric; and one layer of activated carbon. Simply tuck one into the inner pocket of your mask and enjoy additional protection from airborne particles.

    *Please note, our silk face masks remain non-medical grade when used with a filter. 


    Each filter replacement pack sold separately.


    Insert filter into inner pocket of face mask. 


    • Each pack contains 30 filters
    • Filters intended for single-use only 


    • Five layer construction
    • Two layers of non-woven fabric
    • Two layers of meltblown fabric 
    • One layer of activated carbon 


    Care Instructions: 

    Replace filter every one to three days for maximum effectiveness. Filters intended for single-use only and cannot be washed or reused. Always remember to remove filter before washing your face mask. 

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