5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Long Weekend

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Long Weekend

Labour Day is right around the corner, meaning you’ve got one more long weekend before September begins in full swing. That’s 24 extra hours to enjoy the outdoors, relax, share some laughs, or even go on an adventure.

You don’t have to travel somewhere far to make the most of your time. We’re here to help you get creative with your long weekend plans so you can soak up the last of summer while you still can. From sleeping under the stars to a self care spa day, these great ideas will help you make the most out of your long weekend...and all while staying cozy and close to home!

Give these long weekend bucket list ideas (and items) a read through, and let’s see how many you can cross off your list!

1. Movies Under the Stars (DIY Projector Screen)

Watching the silver screen on the weekend is always a fun idea — especially when you bring the theatre experience home! Start your weekend off with a bang by hosting a movie night under the stars. All it takes is a projector, a couple sheets, a great movie, and a thoughtful set up.

First things first: pick a spot. If you don’t have a retractable projector screen or a plain white wall to project on, no worries. There’s a DIY solution for you: bed sheets! They’re a great choice for the task at hand, and you can hang them from just about anywhere.

Craft a makeshift display by grabbing a couple of white flat sheets from our 300TC Organic Cotton Sheet Set in White and either tautly taping or sewing them together. To ensure a crisp, clear image, fashion a makeshift blackout cloth by attaching dark-coloured fabric to the back of your white “screen” (we recommend the flat sheet from our BeechBliss TENCEL™ Modal Sheet Set in Shale).

Once you’ve gotten the technicals out of the way, it’s time to situate yourself. For an easy-care seating solution that’s perfect for sprawling outdoors, throw down a quilt to lay on, along with some euro pillows to prop you up and provide back support. After that, get ready to invite your loved ones over and dish out the popcorn, because it’s time for some movie magic.

Enjoy the show!

2. Watch the Sunrise (Car Essentials)

Want to get out of the house this weekend, but didn’t book a camping spot? Why not set off on a mini road trip, pull up somewhere scenic, and make it a sunrise tailgate? Whether you plan to rug up overnight or just catch the rays for a couple hours in the morning, there’s only a few items you’ll need to stay comfortable and cozy.

Besides a vehicle, all you’ll need to start your day off right is some lightweight, low maintenance linens to cozy up in. Our Carmanah Microgel Duvet is a great, affordable choice that compresses easily for machine washing. Pair it with our Linen Blend Duvet Cover Set in Charcoal Grey and Advanta Microgel Pillow for a no fuss, no muss setup that’s perfect for soaking in the sun.

3. Get Ready (Fall Clean Up)

Though cleaning over the long weekend might not sound very exciting, spending the extra hours getting prepped for the season ahead can be super beneficial. As the weather tends to turn quickly come fall and winter, it pays to get ahead by storing your summer items away early. A good fall clean up can even help ward off those winter colds and flus!

Start off by decluttering and getting rid of anything you no longer need. Swap out your lightweight summer linens for warmer alternatives, and give yourself a fresh start by getting everything squeaky clean and smelling good using our Linen Love Wool Dryer Ball Sets & Laundry Blends. We also recommend washing or refreshing your mattress and pillow protectors, and flipping your mattress – which ensures it won’t get too worn out in any one spot. Then you can pack your seasonal extras away using some vacuum bags to help you maximize your storage space.

Next, apply these rules to the other areas of your home. That means stowing away summer “toys” like bikes and kayaks, cleaning out your pantry, and giving everything a good scrub down from top to bottom.

For more tips and a handy checklist that will help you maximize your clean, check out our blog post on the topic!

4. Self-Care Spa Day (DIY Turmeric Honey Face Mask)

Sometimes your long weekend plans entail so much activity that you need a weekend...from your weekend. To remedy this, next up on the list is a self care spa day! You don’t have to shell out the big bucks just to pamper yourself. Spend some time relaxing and treating your skin to a little TLC, courtesy of common ingredients that can be found in your fridge or pantry.

Does a turmeric honey face mask in the bath sound good to you too?

While you run the tub, you can get started on mixing the ingredients you need for your DIY brightening, anti-inflammatory facial. In a bowl, combine 3 squirts of raw honey — manuka is the best in terms of skincare benefits, but your local farmers market will likely have some great options — with a few pinches of turmeric powder, a handful of rolled oats, and a tablespoon of plain yoghurt.

After mixing everything together, keep your hair up and out of the way using one of our 100% Silk Twist Headbands, which won’t cause breakage or damage your locks.

When you finish slathering your face with these skin-friendly superfoods (leave the facial on for ~20 minutes) and soaking your stresses away in a warm tub, complete your indulgent date by cozying up in something soft, like our Cotton Bathrobes.

You can also take your self care routine to the next level by snoozing on 100% mulberry silk, which is well-known for its natural beauty-boosting benefits.

5. Sleep In! (You Won’t Regret It)

Last but definitely not least on our long weekend bucket list?

Sleeping in! There’s no better way to prepare for the busy fall and winter season ahead than catching up on some much-needed shut eye.

To freshen up your bedroom, check out the rest of our cozy bedding and home decor options, or visit any of our 70+ locations across Canada.

Happy Weekend! 

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