5 Simple Ways To Decorate For Fall

5 Simple Ways To Decorate For Fall

2022 Oct 4th

Transitioning your home from summer to fall - why it matters!

If you're reading this you probably fall into one of two categories, someone who LOVES to update their home throughout the year, or someone who wonders if it's time to start. No matter which camp you belong to, we're here to help guide you through the process! We know redecorating can be thought of as an expensive and timely undertaking, but it doesn't have to be! 

When introducing new items to the home, we encourage an intentional approach; where function, personality and mood are core deciding factors. For this reason, we suggest that textile additions make a brilliant choice for seasonal sprucing - combining aesthetics with purpose for style and comfort.

GIF featuring a collage of home decor and accessories.

Those who subscribe to principles of interior design are likely familiar with the seasonal shifts that come about throughout the year, but you don’t need to be an expert to give your room a fashionable fall look. The basic idea is to rotate homewares and introduce thoughtful additions that reflect the energies we wish to embrace with the changing seasons. From festive and fun to sentimental and relaxed - decor can help to set the right tone!

The key tenets of autumnal decorating are simple: cozy, warm and welcoming. Adding the fall feels to your home can be equally simple, we've broken it down into 5 simple and actionable tips:

Tip 1: Decide on a colour story for each space

Vibrant colours are very welcome in fall, with sumptuous jewel tones and spice-inspired hues a popular choice! For a traditional fall palette, look to the chromatic display of autumn foliage for inspiration. Shades like rust, terracotta and burnt sienna tend to be favourites, pairing effortlessly for a curated fall-inspired update. For a brighter interpretation, go for “fall” yellows, like ochre, mustard and chartreuse.

Whether you choose a classic colour scheme or put your own twist on it, you can make the final decisions less daunting by sticking to the same section of the colour wheel. Mixing and matching has its place in the world of interior design, but colour coordinating your decor is a friendlier option for those who want to play it safe! The trick is to stick to similar shades; like siblings, they can belong to the same family but are still allowed to be different to one another!

Collage image featuring our Ribbed Throw in Ochre and Chevron Euro Sham in Red on a autumnal forest background.

Ribbed Faux Fur Throw in Ochre and Quilted Chevron Euro Sham in Red.

Tip 2: Refresh your accessories

It’s layering season! Once the temperatures start to drop, you’ll find yourself reaching for the extra layers more often. Depending on your personal tastes, you might go all out with pumpkin-shaped cushions and seasonal Halloween throw blankets; or perhaps gravitating more year-round comfort.

Our Pumpkin Cushion in Copper

During the warmer seasons, zingy floral shades and lighter fabrics are typically preferred; but for fall and winter, it’s all about faux furs, fleeces and heavy knits. Where colour is used, there are no right or wrong hues to use, but it’s common to see deeper and richer tones embraced at this time of year!

To learn how to make decorative cushions work for your space, read our Ultimate Decorative Pillow Guide.

Tip 3: Introduce seasonal patterns and prints

Colourful autumn leaves are perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when fall is mentioned, the fleeting window of ever-changing foliage is utterly synonymous with the season itself.

Botanical prints are a perfect nod to this much-adored phenomenon, and liven up a bedroom or living room instantly! Choose an accent throw or cushion (or both) that highlights a particular hue from the pattern, and voila! You’re now a seasoned home decorator. Apply this principle to the guest suite if visitors are expected and you will be sure to impress!

We've got more advice on getting your guest quarters ready for the holidays here.

Collage image of our Villeray Duvet Cover and Braemar Duvet Cover and coordinating accessories.

Tip 4: Opt for heavier textures and fabrics

Like we mentioned earlier, the colder seasons call for luxurious textures like fleece, faux fur, velvet, chunky knits. Not only do these offer lush autumnal appeal, they’ll help to keep you warm and oh-so-cozy when temperatures drop.

If warmth is your big priority at bedtime, flannel is a great sheeting option. For additional coziness at night, try a wool blanket or fuzzy throw for a stylish layer to add to your bed or sofa.

For bedding tips on prepping for the cooler nights ahead, check out our blog post ‘ Cold Weather Bedding Essentials: How to Layer a Bed for Winter in 5 Steps’. Stay cozy, friends!

  Collage image of our Bianco Duvet Cover and Kailua Duvet Cover and coordinating accessories.

Tip 5: Cozy up outdoor spaces

For homes with exterior living areas, such as a front porch, backyard patio or deck, consider how you might continue to get lots of use out of these spaces during colder days and nights. There may be a lot you can do to make outside a lovely place to be, there’s few greater pleasures than enjoying a hot beverage in the morning while breathing in that crisp fall air!

Add comfy cushions to porch seating, keeping to a single colour family for a coordinated seasonal look! Thick blankets in comfy textures and fabrics will come in handy for curling up beneath the stars, and can drape over your chairs for an extra soft layer to lean on. Add string lights or lanterns for a perfect outdoor setting to enjoy with friends and family!

For bringing the comfort of bed to your outdoor activities, you might enjoy the post we wrote on this subject. Check out the blog to get tips and great product recommendations!

Collage image of our Velveteen and Plaid throws and Round Mandarin Velvet Cushion in Red

Velveteen Fleece Throw in Navy, Round Mandarin Velvet Cushion in Red and Plaid Fleece Throw in Crimson

Hopefully you’re feeling excited and inspired to welcome in the new season! If you need more personalized fall decorating recommendations, feel free to  book a free styling consultation with one of our bedding and decor experts, or visit any of our 77 stores across Canada. Tag your fall makeovers with the hashtag #myQEstyle to be featured on social. We hope to see you soon!

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