Self-Care Prompts From QE Home Sleep Stylists

Self-Care Prompts From QE Home Sleep Stylists

2022 Jul 21st

Did you know that International Self-Care Day is celebrated on the 24th of July to symbolize a 24/7 self-care practice?

But, you don’t need to wait for a calendar date, special occasion, or a breaking point. Instead, find daily moments to replenish yourself physically and mentally. Here are some QE Home staff self-care ideas we hope will inspire and encourage you to kick off new feel-good habits.

Happiness Is Taking A Long, Hot Bath

Did you know soaking in the bath is a form of hydrotherapy? Submerging yourself in water has scientifically proven benefits to the body, from the immune system to the nervous system. We think the prospect of having some (hopefully) uninterrupted alone time is one of the best aspects of taking a bath! If this is already a habit of yours, go one step further and add some soothing epsom salts and scented candles. 

“I enjoy a bubble bath and warm cup of tea, with a candle of course!”

- Crystal S, Sleep Stylist, Midtown Plaza, Saskatchewan

A bathtub with a wooden bath caddy covered with an assortment of snacks, a glass of wine and a book. Our Modal cotton towels in Lilac Ash and Seafoam green are are hanging up, alongside our white Plush Faux Fur Bathrobe in Cloud.

Self-care never looked so inviting!

Plant Yourself In Nature For Awhile

Slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures that the natural environment has to offer. Whether it’s sitting outside for 15 minutes while you eat breakfast, spending some time taking care of your garden, or going on a light forest-bathing walk, there’s always some reward to be found in nature.

“On my self-care day I wake up early and go for a long walk in nature - it’s really refreshing. Then I eat breakfast outside in my backyard in the sun, and enjoy my morning.”

-Nasrin G, District Manager, Ontario

“These days, gardening is so therapeutic for me. Just enjoying the sunshine and connecting with nature!”

- Saira D, Sleep Stylist, Conestoga Mall, Ontario

“Self-care means unplugging, going out in nature and enjoying the moment. Alone time is the best way to quietly rejuvenate and reboot so you can carry on with your day.”

- Joanne B, Sleep Stylist, Woodgrove Mall, British Columbia

A woman reads a book whilst sitting in a bed made with our Kaysa duvet cover and pillow shams, outdoors on a grassy field.

If bringing your entire bed outside to lounge in the sunshine isn’t self-care, we don’t know what is! But even a good book and fresh air are simple pleasures that will make your day better!

Keep A Journal

There are plenty of great reasons for writing in a journal, even if it might feel tricky to pick up the habit. You may find it difficult initially to find the time, but with screen time at an all-time high, you may actually have all the time you need for a 15-minute journaling session each day, if you look in the right places!

“Writing in my journal first thing in the morning or before bed is one way for me to practice self-care. It’s a good way to release your thoughts and feelings.”

- Melissa G, Store Manager, Sevenoaks Shopping Centre, British Columbia

A man lays in a bed made with our Cypress duvet cover and pillow shams, propped up and reading a book with a laptop and journal sitting next to him.

Before you drift off for a comfortable night in dream-land, jot down the highlights of your day, or any worries you can revisit later. Allow your bed to be the sanctuary it’s supposed to be!

Let Out Your Creativity

Arts and crafts can be a powerful addition to your self-care routine. No matter your skill level, artistic practice is known for its therapeutic qualities, and low barrier to entry.

There are endless ways to express yourself creatively, just have fun with it and the benefits to your mood and wellbeing are sure to follow!

“For my self-care day, I like having an art day peppered with a relaxing bath, getting into my QE Home house coat and reading a good book.”

- Jennifer D, Sleep Stylist, Cottonwood Mall, British Columbia

“I like to grab some yarn and knit.”

- Janelle Z, Sleep Stylist, Cottonwood Mall, British Columbia

“For my self-care I have joined a pottery class. Self-care is meeting new people and learning new things as an adventure! It’s a wonderful way to smile and grow.”

- Donna M, Sleep Stylist, Lime Ridge Mall, Ontario

A woman is shown painting colourful illustrations on white paper.

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” - Bruce Garrabrandt

Take An Analog Break

Many of us could agree we would benefit from reducing our daily screen time (Canadians are averaging 4.4 hours using mobile apps alone, and around 11 hours total, by the way).

Grab your favourite book or board game and entertain yourself the old-school way!

“Self-care is an evening at the cabin with a good book, a glass of wine and homemade candles burning. Oh and I can’t forget, with my favourite puppy snuggled up beside me!”

- Ann N, Sleep Stylist, Park Place Mall, Alberta

Two chairs draped with our Tie-Dye Faux Fur Throw and Chenille Throw sit opposite one another, with a wooden chessboard and fireplace in between.

Cuddling up over a chessboard or with an excellent read are two of our fave screen-free options. Be sure to have cozy companions on hand!

Clean Your Space, Clear Your Mind

It may not be the first thing you think of when you think of self-care, but spending time organizing and cleaning your home is absolutely one of the kindest things you can do for yourself.

Our physical environment affects our mood, and the act of decluttering, tidying and cleaning can be a gamechanger when it comes to starting each day feeling the best you can.

We’ve already compiled some advice to help get you started, read our post Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for 2022 for cleaning tips.

“For self-care, I have a reset day in which cleaning my house and changing my bedding really creates motivation for me.”

- Taanvir K, Sleep Stylist, Hillcrest Mall, Ontario

Our Linen Love Wool Dryer Balls are shown on our duvet spilling out of a household dryer and into a laundry basket.

Our self-care cleaning tip: try our Wool Dryer Ball Set, making sure to add the included essential oils before you run a load of sheets. The natural scent is simply divine, perfect for relaxing in bed!

Remember To Pamper Yourself - It’s NOT Vain!

For some of us, this may look like a visit to the spa or salon; for others, perhaps it’s getting your beauty sleep, or buying a new silk pillowcase to pamper your skin and hair.

Whatever pampering looks like to you, remember that it’s more than just indulging yourself for the sake of appearances, it’s about treating yourself to comfort and kindness.

“Self-care is sleeping in a little, getting a manicure and curling up with a good book.”

- Melissa E, Sleep Stylist, Lime Ridge Mall, Ontario

“Once a month I have girls time with my daughter and daughter-in-law - doing our nails, having lunch and going to watch a movie!”

- Nataliya N, Sleep Stylist, Markville Mall, Ontario

A mother and daughter are pictured laying in bed with cucumber slices covering their eyes, and their hair wrapped in towels. Our Mulberry Silk pillowcases are shown on the white bed.

Self-care can be a chance to form special memories with our loved ones. Mulberry Silk Gift Set in Lavender pictured (includes pillowcase and eye mask).

Shopping, Or Retail Therapy?

Here at QE Home, we’re very mindful of the negative impact of excessive consumerism, and don’t encourage shopping for shopping’s sake. However, there are plenty of grounds wherein a special new purchase is exactly what’s needed!

Replacing items that have reached their end of life (or can be donated or upcycled) with a new item that sparks joy, can be a truly delightful form of self-care.

Something our Sleep Stylists often hear from our customers shopping for new bedding is that they are “treating themselves”, often to mark a special occasion or milestone. We agree that there’s something particularly memorable about laying in a bed made with fresh new linens - particularly when you need a pick-me-up.

Check out our recent blog post to learn about the special role bedding can play in our emotional life.

QE Home delivery cardboard boxes are shown placed on the ground at the entrance of a house.

We encourage you to spend some time thinking about your current self-care routine (or lack thereof).

Unpack the reasons you might feel somewhat ‘guilty’ for doing something just for yourself, and remind yourself that you show up better for others when you show up for yourself first!

What are some ways you can make self-care fit seamlessly into your day? Is it a reminder on your mobile phone to help establish a habit? Or maybe a simple post-it note on your mirror?

Perhaps you need to start setting boundaries with your loved ones; there may even be an opportunity to teach children the importance of self-care!

We wish you an amazing new (or improved) self-care routine - may it last you a lifetime of feeling happy, mindful, and restored!

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