Cozy Fall Decor Tips: How to Decorate Your Home For Nesting Season

Cozy Fall Decor Tips: How to Decorate Your Home For Nesting Season

2021 Oct 14th

As we transition from the long, glorious hours of outdoor summer fun to the shorter and cooler days ahead, creating a comfy home base becomes especially important. After all, you’ll be spending more time inside and in why not make sure you’ve got a cozy, inviting living space and bedroom too? 

Indeed, this time of year presents the perfect opportunity to play around with cozy decorative elements. From refreshing your colour palette to fashioning festive DIY fall centerpieces, these quick, easy, and comfortable fall decorating ideas will help you create the perfect space you need for the season ahead!

1. Choose Your Fall Colour Palette & Trends

The first step in your fall refresh? Get creative with colour! There’s no better way to signal a seasonal shift than to align your overall decorating strategy with a trending aesthetic or colour story. In this section, we’ll discuss a few of the trending tones we’ve been loving lately, as well as the easiest way to make a statement without overhauling your interior.

When it comes to decorating, our creative director Ross Thompson has identified three main trends to watch for: Recharge & Reset, Natural Embrace and Livable Luxury.

The first, Recharge & Reset, refers to the idea that turbulent times have made us cherish what matters most, so choosing rich, optimistic colour palettes will help our homes exude that comfort and stability we need. This trend meshes perfectly with the classic fall aesthetic and soothing added touches this blog is all about!

The Natural Embrace trend continues this notion that calm and comfort matter most. It stresses the importance of using nature-inspired motifs, earth tones, and organic materials in our decor choices to help us bring Earth’s natural beauty indoors — a perfect tie-in to the current season.

Finally, Livable Luxury refers to the trend of re-creating luxurious spaces using rich jewel tones and decadent materials. While warm shades like oranges, reds, yellows, and browns will always be a mainstay choice for conjuring the spirit of fall, don’t be afraid to experiment with cooler, deeper shades when it comes to this trend!

Now that you’ve identified which trends you want to incorporate, it’s time to make a statement!

We’ll touch on how you can renew your living room in a moment, but first let’s focus our attention to where you start and end your days: your bedroom!

Updating your room for autumn is as simple as swapping out your summer linens for rich jacquards, velvets, or jerseys. Our Charisma Bedding Collection, with its deep teal velvet and metallic branches, perfectly embodies this Livable Luxury trend, while Woodhaven’s fall foliage and Everley’s soft, quilted jersey finish speak to the Natural Embrace and R&R vibe respectively.

2. Make Your Bedroom Extra Warm & Cozy When figuring out how to decorate your bedroom for fall, it’s important to make sure that form meets function. As the weather cools down, you’ll thank yourself for adding some extra warmth on top and/or inside of your new duvet covers.

The best way to ward off wintery chills depends heavily on what type of climate you’re in. If temperatures dip significantly where you are, we recommend swapping out your summer duvet entirely for a cozy new goose down duvet instead, as goose down’s insulating qualities are superior to all other fills (you can learn everything you need to know about different duvets types here). Our Legacy Hutterite White Goose Down Duvet and Cachet Hungarian Goose Down Duvet are fabulous options for staying toasty without adding too much weight to your bed.

If your region experiences mild winters, layering something warm overtop of your regular duvet might be just the solution for you. Try keeping a cozy neutral piece like our Chevron Jersey Quilt Set on-hand, or for a more rustic fall look, layer on a Plaid Sherpa Blanket. If you’d rather take a one-and-done approach, opt for an ultra-cozy comforter set like our Faux Rabbit Plush Comforter Set in Thundercloud. This comforter’s machine washable and dryable finish makes it a great choice for adding warmth to a guest bedroom too!

3. Get Creative with Fall Living Room Decor

It’s time to move on to the living room! But don’t worry — there’s no need to paint any walls or buy any new furniture. Adding some fall flair is as easy as accessorizing!

First things first: use the design trends identified in Tip #1 to inform your approach. Whether you prefer warm, rich hues, relaxed neutrals, or bold jewel tones this fall season, there are on-trend decor options out there for everyone! You don’t have to stick with the same trend story as your bedroom by any means.

Next, it’s as easy as adding a few “statement pieces” to your living room — like some throw blankets, cushions, and coffee table accessories. These elements go a long way towards refreshing the energy in any space, and all without breaking the bank!

Piling on textured layers, like our Herringbone Knit Fringe Throws, Carved Faux Fur Throws, or Tip-Dyed Faux Fur Throws, will effortlessly create that super cozy fall look and warm up your interior.

You can build additional depth and interest by playing around with different textures and colors of throw pillows and cushions. Try picking at least one neutral shade and one pop of colour for added dimension. If you have a favourite fall cookbook or magazine, feel free to put that on display! Combine the above with some spicy scents and DIY autumn decor, and you’ll create a cozy living room and couchscape worth fall-ing for indeed. 

4. Add the Perfect Fall Finishing Touch

The final step to creating a seasonal home sanctuary is to incorporate a few decorative elements that really show you’ve gone the extra mile. We’ve listed a couple of our favourite DIY fall decor ideas below that only require a few household items and some plant matter to do!

When it comes to small fall touches you can add to your home, a few strategically placed pinecones can go a long way. They’ll enhance your space with a warm, rustic feel, and you can get infinitely creative with their placement (we recommend using your fireplace mantle, or showcasing them in a basket or vase) All it takes is some patience to find the perfect specimen during your next wilderness stroll!

For a slightly more complicated DIY centerpiece, collect some fall foliage and let it all dry out. The traditional way to do this is to press your leaves in the pages of a book, but you can speed up this process by placing the leaves between two sheets of paper and then ironing them. 

Once they’re dry, try placing the leaves in a display basket with some gourds and squashes, or wrap them around a few candles using a piece of twine. In no time at all, you’ll have made your own festive fall decor!

Finally, spritz a spicy scent to really bring the season to the forefront of your senses. Our Good Health Purifying Essential Oil Mist is perfect for this, as the all-natural spray features warm notes of cinnamon and clove. If you want your new linens to smell similarly come laundry day, our Linen Love Wool Dryer Ball Set & Laundry Blend is just the thing for you!

Now that you’ve brought new energy to your bedroom and living room with the help of some spicy scents, specially-made decor, and soft accessories, it’s time to enjoy all the rest this fall season has to offer!

Share your updated space with us, and tag us on social using #myQEstyle. If you need more fall decorating ideas, feel free to book a consultation with one of our bedding and decor experts, or visit any of our 70+ stores across Canada.

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