Greener Every Day: 30 Sustainable Living Tips For April

Greener Every Day: 30 Sustainable Living Tips For April

2024 Mar 29th

April is Earth Month, meaning there’s never been a better time to adopt a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Not sure where to start? We’ve put together 30 sustainable living tips and lifestyle habits you can use to go green, one day at a time.

Whether you're a seasoned environmental enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the world of sustainability, this plethora of practical suggestions and innovative ideas has something to help everyone become more eco-aware this April and beyond.

Psst: read our Sustainability Initiative to learn what we’re doing to help.

Sustainable Tips of the Day For April

April 1 — Get curious & committed

Harnessing your awareness and intention is half the battle. So, tune into your environment and stay mindful of your consumption habits while affirming your commitment to sustainable living.

Try jotting your thoughts down in a journal to create a tangible reference that’ll guide you through the month.

April 2 - Turn Off & Unplug

Be conscious of your energy consumption by turning off unneeded lights and unplugging electronics — your power bill will thank you!

April 3 - Reach For Eco-Friendly Fibers

Opt for natural, biodegradable fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, linen, or bamboo. These breathable materials require less resources to grow while supporting eco-friendly farming practices. 

Compare some of our bestselling sheeting blends here.

April 4 - Give Your Car a Break

Try to walk, bike, or bus when you can to reduce carbon emissions. If you really need to drive, see if carpooling is an option.

April 5 - Reuse Where You Can

There’s plenty of ways to reuse packaging beyond reusable shopping bags. Try repurposing glass jars as cups, take-out boxes as permanent food storage containers, and use duvet bags for seasonal stowaways.

Learn more ways to reuse/upcycle QE Home packaging here.

April 6 - Support Sustainable Brands

Vote with your dollars by supporting certified sustainable companies that prioritize environmental and social responsibility.

Did you know? QE Home is Canada’s first B Corp certified bedding brand.

April 7 - Reap the Recycling Rewards

Divert waste from landfills by researching what recycling options are available to you.

For example, our textile recycling and take back program ReHome lets Canadians send their unwanted linens in to be recycled in exchange for store credit. 

April 8 - Try Meatless Mondays

The less meat you eat = the lower your carbon footprint, so incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet by giving the ‘Meatless Monday’ trend a try.

April 9 - Prioritize Green Packaging

Reduce plastic waste by choosing products with minimal or reusable packaging.

Learn how to reuse/upcycle QE Home packaging here.

April 10 - Choose Quality Over Quantity

Invest in high-quality, timeless textiles that are designed to last rather than wear fast.

Sustainable products may seem pricier initially, but their long-term benefits outweigh costs. Extended lifespan and mindful usage make them a financially smarter choice.

Explore this topic further on our blog post debunking common sustainability myths.

Shop the Angelica collection, made from an eco-friendly blend of TENCEL™ Lyocell and cotton.

April 11 - Go Paperless

Here’s your official permission to ditch the paper trail (and all the excess waste that comes with it) in 2024. 

In recent years, QE Home has begun the process of eliminating the use of paper bags in-store (replacing these with dissolvable Solubags), and our customers have been amazing in embracing this shift. We're very fortunate to have eco-conscious staff collaborating closely with our Store Support Centre, plus mall partners, to ensure proper recycling or reuse of paper materials.

April 12 - Embrace Cold Water

Wash garments/bedding in cold water to save energy while preserving the fabric quality of your textiles.

Check out these 10 Sustainable Laundry Tips for more inspiration! 

April 13 - Lay Off the Heat

Bundle up to warm up and keep heating habits minimal. You’ll conserve plenty of energy and lower your electricity bills too! Extra Warm Duvets this way →

April 14 — Upcycle with DIY Projects

Reduce waste and turn old trash into new treasures by embracing the art of upcycling.

A prime example is repurposing fabric scraps from unwanted bedding. From holiday decorations and lamp shades, to gift boxes and gift baskets, there are tons of DIY projects that’ll help you breathe new life into old linens.

April 15 - Get Creative In The Kitchen

Thanks to the internet, there’s no shortage of inventive ways to make the most out of past meals and curb food waste.

If you're someone who likes to treat yourself to fun beverages like takeaway lattes or bubble tea, consider bringing a reusable cup where possible, or why not make your own Sleep Promoting Smoothie or Sleepytime Cocoa?

April 16 - Be Certified Responsible

Ward off greenwashing and shop with confidence by checking for accredited third-party certifications like OEKO-TEX, GOTS, and RDS.

Learn more about our certifications here.

April 17 - Spot Clean First

Got a stain? Try spot-cleaning instead of starting a laundry cycle. This will extend the lifespan of your fabrics and reduce the need for repeated washes. We really love Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover for this!

April 18 - Grow Your Own Garden

Plant herbs and veggies to enjoy the delicious, environmentally-friendly “fruits” of your labour.

April 19 - Take the All-Natural Cleaning Approach

Ditch the chemical in favour of all-natural, eco-friendly options such as Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Strips. You can also make your own cleaners with household items like baking soda and white vinegar.

April 20 - Close the Loop

Always consider the production process when purchasing products, trying to find more sustainable, regenerative solutions when available.

Did you know? Our luxury TENCEL™ eco-sheeting uses an award-winning “closed-loop” production process that recovers resources and energy.

April 21 - Shorten Your Shower

Research shows sticking to a functional five minute-shower saves about 170 liters of water.

April 22 - Educate Yourself & Others

Celebrate Earth Day by committing to grow your knowledge of sustainable living practices and sharing what you learn with others.

April 23 - Go Outside

Appreciate your environment and get those steps in — whether that means hiking in the wilderness or hightailing around the city.

April 24 - Get Involved

Participate in a local cleanup event or tree-planting initiative to meet like-minded individuals and make a difference. You can also support retailers with sustainability at their core, like Tentree, a Canadian B Corp that plants trees per purchase.

April 25 - Sun-Cure Where You Can

Get in the habit of ‘sunbathing’ clothing and bedding to ease your reliance on resources and naturally kill bacteria.

Did you know? Sun-curing silk duvets is the best way to keep them fresh.

April 26 - Take Good Care

Prolong the lifespan of your textiles and reduce the need to repurchase by reviewing their care instructions carefully.

Check our Laundering & Fabric Guide for more insights.

April 27 — Reuse Rainwater

Got a green thumb? Set a jug outside to collect rainwater; your plants will thrive and your water conservation efforts will rise. In rainy climates, this offers a wholesome way to transform gloomy weather into a positive experience.

April 28 — Donate What You Don’t Need

Embrace minimalism by reviewing your belongings and donating unneeded items to nonprofits, charities, and other programs that give to those in need.

April 29 — Shop Local

Skip the big-box store and shop farmers markets to support your local economy and community while cutting the carbon cost of transportation.

April 30 – Reflect & Renew

Reflect on your sustainable living journey, and set new goals to keep the green times going — because protecting our planet never goes out of style.

We hope these sustainable living tips have inspired you to mind your impact this month and beyond…now we want to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts on sustainability by filling out our 2024 Sustainability Survey to receive $10 OFF your next purchase, and find more eco-inspo in your inbox each week by subscribing to our newsletter

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