​Our Choices for the Perfect Cool Weather Duvet

​Our Choices for the Perfect Cool Weather Duvet

Posted by Casey Dubyk on 2019 Sep 13th

If the duvet that you were sleeping under this summer was perfect for you, then it may be time to consider a switch up as the cool weather slowly creeps in.

The “right” room temperature for a comfortable sleep is such a personal thing. The same goes for the amount of weight that you want to sleep under – it varies from person to person. But we do know that these factors are critical for a restful sleep.

Duvets come in a wide range of fills to suit a wide range of sleep needs. From natural fibres, like silk and down, to synthetic options like microfiber and polyester. A good quality duvet will insulate against the cold, while remaining breathable and moisture wicking, so you stay warm without getting sweaty.

Here are our choices for the all-around perfect duvets for the new season.

Down: Legacy Hutterite Duvet or Cachet Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

Down describes the light and fluffy plumules which form an insulating layer on the belly of ducks or geese. Because it is a natural insulator, down is incredibly effecting at trapping in warmth and keeping out cold.

Cachet Hungarian Goose Down duvet shell is an elegant cotton striped jacquard sewn in a baffle box construction to ensure an even distribution of down. The baffle box constructions also ensure even warmth through the duvet without leaving cold spots. Machine washable, the Cachet duvet is true luxury.

In need for some extra, extra warmth? Our Our Legacy Hutterite Duvet might be the perfect match!

Crafted in Canada like our Cachet Hungarian Goose Down duvet, Our Legacy Hutterite Duvet is our lightest and warmest down duvet available. Our soft and airy down-proof 600 Thread Count cotton sateen is filled here in BC with this luxurious down using our own unique sealed baffle box design creating a duvet of uncompromising quality. Providing excellent body heat regulating properties this duvet is also hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive cool sleepers!

Silk: Contessa Mulberry Silk Duvet

Silk has many benefits aside from its unparalleled softness. One of the strongest natural fibers in the world, silk is incredibly durable and long lasting, making a silk duvet one of the best bedding investments you can make. Plus, with its natural hypoallergenic properties, a silk duvet will hardly ever need washing, making it incredibly easy to care for and maintain.

Our Contessa Mulberry Silk Duvet is designed for all seasons providing the perfect degree of warmth all night long while adding a little more weight on your body than our lightweight Pearl Mulberry silk duvet. The Contessa silk duvet is produced with the silk floss laid back and forth creating a secure webbing before being delicately boxed stitched inside our soft and luxurious 400 Thread Count 100% cotton check jacquard to prevent any silk from shifting. Contessa duvet is a match made in heaven for sleepers who temperatures change through the night. Keeping cool sleepers warm and warm sleepers cool.

Down Alternative: Bamboo Charcoal Duvet

If you consider yourself a warm sleeper, this is the duvet for you!

Our Bamboo Charcoal Duvet is a QE Home favourite. Our Bamboo duvet with Activated Bamboo Charcoal is renowned for its extraordinary properties to purify and deodorize, helping your duvet stay fresh and odor-free. On the outside, a silky-smooth 100% Bamboo Rayon that’s cool to the touch. On the inside, a soft and silky Bamboo Rayon Yarn fused with Bamboo Charcoal activated particles.

Still not sure which duvet is right for you? Head in to any one of our 70+ locations across Canada to speak to one of our expert stylists, and get your hands on the real thing before you make a decision. Happy snoozing!

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