Warm Welcome 101: How to Prepare For House Guests

Warm Welcome 101: How to Prepare For House Guests

2024 May 30th

Expecting house guests and hoping to impress? From having friends stay over on the weekend to hosting family members over the holidays, getting your home guest-ready ensures any out-of-town lodgers create positive experiences and memories of your humble abode.

Keep reading for quick tips on how to prepare for house guests, elevate your hospitality game, and make those valued visitors feel right at home.

How to Prepare For House Guests & Overnight Guests

1. Be Proactive & Prep

The first step in getting ready for the arrival of house guests is to make sure you’re prepared with all the essentials beforehand. Thinking ahead and anticipating their needs is your key to being the host(ess) with the most(est)!

Our Airbnb Host Guide and Essentials Checklist is a fabulous resource for this. In it, you’ll find a deep dive of necessary bedding and comfort items to have on-hand, as well as a handy downloadable PDF of other hosting essentials that go easily forgotten. From guest bedding and mattress protectors to bathroom towels and hygiene staples, this list has got you covered.

Our Charcoal Infused Cotton Towels placed on a bathroom counter top.

Our 5 Star Essentials Checklist print out atop a desk, placed beside a pen and keyboard.

2. Get Cleaning & Organizing

Beyond creating a positive first impression, maintaining a clean and tidy home is a fundamental tenant of good hospitality. It communicates that guests are valued, cared for, and respected, and it sets the tone for a comfortable, enjoyable, and relaxing stay.

Your clean-up campaign might involve dusting surfaces, vacuuming floors, decluttering living spaces, and/or scrubbing the bathroom. But don’t forget to make your guests’ sleeping quarters a focal point of your efforts!

While providing freshly-washed sheets and pillowcases, duvets, duvet covers, and/or comforters is a no-brainer, make sure to account for pillows and cushions too. Check out our guide ⁠How To Wash Your Pillows Perfectly Every Time for a step-by-step breakdown on how to keep those headrests fresh, clean, and comfortable.

A person carrying two pillows walking in a forest.

A person making a bed with our Sonrisa Duvet Cover and Sonrisa Euro Shams.

Sonrisa Duvet Cover

3. Decorate with Purpose

Along with cleanliness, your interior design game will leave a lasting impression on guests. So do your best to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

An easy way to achieve this is by incorporating cozy layers like throw blankets, quilts, and cushions into your space. These comfort-enhancing accessories serve as both decorative elements and practical essentials that keep guests snug and satisified during their stay. Plus, the variety of textures and colors available can effortlessly add depth and visual interest to your interior.

To wow them in the bedroom department, check out this short video on How to Make Your Bed Like a 5-Star Hotel, and take inspiration from these 5 Neutral Guest Room Looks while you’re at it.

Our Sandpiper Cotton Quilt Set styled with our Pin-Tuck Round Corduroy Cushion in Ocean and Muslin Gauze Throw in Natural.

Sandpiper Cotton Quilt Set

Our Marella Cotton Quilt Set styled with our Muslin Gauze Throw in Natural and Linen Cotton Square Cushion Cover in Flax

Marella Cotton Quilt Set

4. Make Things Personal

Lastly, it’s important to account for the individual needs and preferences of your guests. From accommodating dietary restrictions to creating a carefree environment for those with allergies or sensitivities, these thoughtful gestures can make all the difference when it comes to enhancing their comfort and enjoyment.

So, take the time to inquire about any specific needs or preferences well in advance! If you find out they have specific dietary needs, for example, you’ll want to provide snacks and meals that are inclusive.

It’s also best practice to ask about any allergens, food-wise and beyond. Some folks may have sensitivities to down, wool, or dust mites, which is why keeping allergen-free bedding options around is a smart move. Check out this guide to common bedding allergies, sensitivities, and irritants for more information on how to allergy-proof your home.

After all, quality shut-eye means everything.

A child lying in bed surrounded by a fluffy white duvet.

A person wearing a black sleep mask is lying in bed, partially covered by a white duvet.

We hope these tips help you host house guests with confidence. Feel free to browse our extensive online catalog for more guest-friendly home decor, or head to any of our 70+ locations to see how our products can elevate your space. And don’t forget to get a weekly dose of design info by subscribing to our newsletter!

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